Welcome to Dig Daddy's Race Center

By, Steve Fuller

Dave Bradway Jr. started racing at the age of sixteen
He just could not wait till he turned eighteen
Jr. wanted to be a dirt track racing superstar
Winning lots of races in a fire breathing sprint car
Being part of a racing family
He had what they call natural ability
With plenty of whit and charm and laughter
It didn’t take Jr. long to get what he went after
Jr. was easy to find after the races
Just look for a big crowd with smiles on their faces
He’d tell a joke and make them laugh
While they waited in line for his autograph
Jr. always found a moment to share with his fans till the end
And they always thought of Jr. as their good friend
Every race Jr. would give it his all
Right up to the time when he got the Lord’s call
The last race fan I was
To get some of his love
And then it was time
To go racing to the big finish line
That day at the Dirt Cup Jr’s luck just ran out
And there is one thing that was never in doubt
We love him, we miss him, his memory will live on in our hearts forever
And some day, we’ll see Jr. racing again, together…
With The Great G.P..
Jr. please, save a place for me !!!!


Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial 1/32nd scale 40 lap Outlaw Slot Car winner (right) Mark Sublett and runner up Bruce Bernardis.


Outlaw slot car racing 2011 started out May 7 at Silver Dollar Speedway. The “1/32 scale Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial” was our way of remembering a race car driver that gave all the love he could possibly give to his fans and everything he had to the sport he loved so much. Finishing in first place after 40 laps was # 3db, a car that has competed on the Big Daddy’s Race Center scale ¼ mile clay oval since opening day at the speedway back in December of 2005. Mark Sublett made it to the checkered flag first and picked up his second Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial win: the other one back in 2008. Leading most of the 40 laps Mark was occasionally harassed by ‘The Mastermind” Steve Fuller and in the closing laps near the finish, hard charging Grass Valley race fan Bruce Bernardis shaking loose some cob-webs after a near two year lay-off. On a lap 38 restart with two laps to go, Mark’s car bogged down off of turn four heading for the green flag and Fuller driving # 56 shot by 3db along with the # 6 Kyle Hirst car driven by Bernardis. With a car length or so separating 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the remaining two laps, “The Mastermind” thought he had captured another win but…Benardis was charging hard, closing the gap to less than a car lenngth. Going hard into turn 3 on lap 39 Fuller did a 1 & ½ snap roll, landing up on the high side of the racetrack collecting the # 6 car of Bernardis. Mark Sublett in lane 5 blew by the pile up and never looked back, Quite an exciting finish for a surprised Mark Sublett who took home a very handsome Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial trophy for a well deserved win. Congratulations Mark!

We wish to thank National Sprint Car Hall of Fame member John Padjen, Silver Dollar Speedway Promoter Dennis Gage and "# 1" at Silver Dollar Speedway, Pat Ponzo for this opportunity to race outlaw slot cars at Silver Dollar Speedway and most importantly remember someone very special, Dave Bradway Jr. Thank you!


Ted Johnson Memorial Winners were Big Daddy's Race Center Mastermind Steve Fuller and Jr. race winner Ryon Nelson show off their winning hardware.

Dec. 11th, 2010 San Jose, CA....December 11th the Big Daddy’ Race Center 1/32 scale outlaw slot cars were at the Kaeding Performance Racer’s Swap Meet (San Jose CA) to run the 5th annual Ted Johnson 50 Lap Memorial Race. This event marked the end of an era with the recent demise of Califonia’s greatest ever race car driver, Al Pombo. The “Mambo Man” out of Fresno CA won well over 500 main events from the late 40’s up until the mid 70’s. There will never be another race car driver like Al Pombo “The Living Legend”. In the words of a fellow old time race car driver, “he was a good race driver”. We dedicated this race to Al Pombo along with “Our Hero” Ted Johnson.

In what has become routine it was Ryon Nelson starting off the program with another convincing win in the 20 lap Jr. A Main over Austin Backholm out of Santa Rosa and Christopher Nelson.

A single file third attempt got the 50 lap Ted Johnson Memorial rolling with Mark Sublett leading the field for several laps in his famous 3db car. Mark’s car stalled on a lap 7 restart and Christopher Nelson in his # 4 car took over the point. Pulling up alongside Christopher, Steve Fuller in the Kyle Hirst # 6 car banged wheels flipping both cars halfway down the back-shoot. Mitch Overkamp in his first appearance at the speedway this year took the lead till a spin-out put Mitch at the tail end of the field. Mid race saw a three car wheel to wheel battle for the lead in lane 5, 6 and 7 with Fuller the meat in the sandwich between the Nelson brothers, with a bit of contact occurring. With cars dropping out after two spin-outs it was Fuller, Mitch Overkamp and the Nelsons left running near the 40 lap mark. A desperate attempt to grab the lead put Christopner out of the race with a second spin-out then brother Ryon, ending his attempt to repeat his Ted Johnson Memorial win a year ago. After 50 laps the checkered flag dropped as “The Mastermind” Steve Fuller wrapped up his second “Ted Johnson Memorial" by several car lengths over second place finisher Mitch Overkamp.

With what has become an annual event we felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to remember a truly great California race car driver, Al Pombo along with “Our Hero” Ted Johnson. We very sincerely wish to thank another great Hall of Fame race driver for making this possible, our friend Brent Kaeding. Thank you! We wish to also thank others at this time, that have made this year’s racing possible: Alan Handy and Pat Ponzo and Silver Dollar Speedway, race driver Mike Benson and Calistoga Speedway, Don Sharp, Steve Faria and Thunder Bowl Raceway and Trophy Cup Promoter Dave Pusateri and M&M Photos Mark and Matt Sublett. Thank you everyone along with the slot car racers that have supported us all year long. Have a Happy New Year! See you at the races!


Big Daddy's Race Center's Steve Fuller and the great Al Pombo in 2008.

Trophies A Main Winners

Trophy Cup Winners!!

10-23-10, Tulare, Ca.

The Trophy Cup set the backdrop for a great day of 1/32nd scale outlaw slot car racing at Thunder Bowl Raceway October 23rd. Jan Opperman, a racing icon that gave everything he had to outlaw sprint car racing was remembered at the fourth annual Jan Opperman Outlaw Slot Car Classic. He was the best dirt track racer in America from the late 60’s through the mid 70’s. Loved by thousands of race fans and disliked by many for his free style of living, no one could disagree that he knew how to win races in a sprint car. He gave something very important to the racing community: “The spirit of truth". "Praise the Lord"!

Starting off with the kids and some highly spirited heat races, the 20 lap Jr. A Main got going. A tough bunch of young slot car racers showed up. Making their first appearance of the year at the speedway, defending champion Ryon Nelson and his brother Christopher and their cousin Brook Dillard were looking to blow everyone else off into the weeds. After the opening lap jitters things settled down and we saw some pretty good racing as the thunder cars strung out around the race track. Young Hunter Davis out of Atascadero CA put on the show moving up through the field with a steady charge to lead the field. As cars fell by the wayside under the two spin rule a battle developed between 6 year old Hunter and Christopher Nelson. With one lap to go Christopher’s car popped out of the slot on the front straight. Picking-up his first big win at the speedway, the new Jan Opperman Jr. A Main Champion was presented a memorial trophy to remember the occasion. Great racing! Congratulation Hunter, our youngest ever, A Main winner!

A single file third attempt to start the 40 lap A Main got things rolling with Oakdale CA’s 11 year old Brook Dillard, Daughter of race driver Craig Dillard taking over the lead after several yellow flags. Driving the # 30 “pink lady” outlaw slot car she did a great job hanging onto the lead for a number of laps. Holding off numerous challenges from MM Photos Mark Sublett, Reno NV sprint car racer Adam Walters, the Nelson brothers and Mastermind Fuller, eventually the pressure became a little too intense and the # 30 lost it flipping wildly going into turn 3 on a restart about lap 30. Young lady racer Brook deserved a nice round of applause for her efforts but she was done for the day under the two spin rule. Mark sublet took over the lead surviving a duel to the finish with Adam Walters. Picking up his first Jan Opperman Classic win, Mark like Brother Matt has won many BDRC races with his own hard charging style and was a very deserving winner.

Highlights over the weekend included two tremendous nights of Trophy Cup sprint car racing at Thunder Bowl Raceway, a visit Saturday night with Hall of Fame “Living Legend”, many time NASCAR State Champion, San Jose Speedway Champion, Kearny Bowl Champion, Clovis Speedway and West Capital Raceway Champion, 5 time Gold Cup Race of Champions winner, The Mambo Man, the greatest ever California race car driver, Al Pombo!

We must thank Thunder Bowl Raceway’s Steve Faria and Don Sharp and Trophy Cup Organizer Dave Pusateri for such a great weekend of sprint car and slot car racing at Thunder Bowl Raceway and the opportunity to remember one of America’s greatest ever race car driver’s, Jan Opperman. We also wish to thank Adam Walters for his help and for giving race fans a thrill racing slot cars with a “real racer”. If you weren’t there you are…missing out! Thunder Bowl Raceway is very exciting along with the “scenery”! See everyone at what will probably be our last event for this year, Brent Kaeding’s Racer’s Swap Meet at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Dec. 11th.

Trophies A Main Winners

Defending JR. Main event winner (Center) R.J Johnson shows his jubilation about winning not ony the JR Main Event but sweeping the 40 lap "Race of Champions" 1/32nd scale Sprint Car A-Main. Sprint Car racer Colby Copeland (left) finished second and Mark Sublett finished third. (Top Photo) The great Trophys provided by Big Daddy's Race Center and the cars that won them.

09-11-10, Chico, Ca.

As usual Gold Cup week had some surprises. Lightning and thunder and a very heavy rain shower for more than an hour Wed. night Sept. 8th with flash flooding in the pits, canceled the evening’s 360 and midget program. Thankfully, with the entire weekends Gold Cup program in question, track promoter Alan Handy got things going with a lot of hard overnight work at Silver Dollar Speedway. With very exciting World of Outlaws racing on Thursday and Friday night and the infamous Gold Cup bikini contest/party going on we hardly had time to warm up the slot cars.

Our 5th annual Big Daddy’s Race Center 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car event started with a pair of 10 lap thunder car heat races for the kids. The star studded field included last years winner 13 year old R.J. Johnson, 13 year old 2008 Mini Race of Champions winner Taylor Arellano, 11 year old Jack “The other Wild Child” Hickison , Sister Chelsea Hickison (first ever lady B.D.R.C. A MAIN winner) and B.D.R.C. 2008 Fall Nationals a Main winner 12 year old Greg DeCaries Jr. On a third attempt the race started single file. After a few somewhat difficult opening laps the kids put on an excellent run the last half of the race with 8 thunder cars blazing around the B.D.R.C. speedway one lap after another. It was one of the best JR races ever! Great racing you guys and gal! At the drop of the checkered flag it was R.J. Johnson winning by a couple of car lengths over Jack Hickison and Greg DeCaries Jr. not very far back in 3rd place.

The 1/32nd scale outlaw slot cars ran two 10 lap heat races then lined up for the 40 lap A Main. With lane choice determined by heat race finishing order it was Derrick Hirst filling in for Brother Kyle Hirst on the top in lane 10, Jack “The other Wild Child” in lane 9, Greg Jr.in lane 8, Matt Sublett in lane 7, Chelesy in lane 6, Fuller in lane 5, Taylor in lane 4, Mark Sublett in lane 3, and 410 sprint car race driver Colby Copeland on the bottom in lane 2. Again the single file third attempt to start the race was a good one with R.J. taking the lead in the #91 car. A yellow flag on lap 2 slowed the pace and started a ration of yellow flags till the 2 spin rule smoothed things out. With several cars falling by the wayside the race turned into a three way battle between R.J., Mark Sublett and “The Other Wild Child”. As the laps wound down it was R.J. Johnson picking off a sensational Race of Champions win and a large 1st place Gold Cup trophy to take home for the trophy case. Colby Copeland came in a close second and Mark Sublett 3rd.

Highlights of the weekend included a visit with “Downtown Don”. Former Placerville Raceway Champion David Robinson Jr. hot lapping the B.D.R.C. speedway along with former Silver Dollar Speedway Champion, Placerville Speedway Champion, and Civil War Series Champion Greg DeCaries and wife Jenifer. Up and coming 360ci Sprint Car driver Nicole Miller stopped by as well. Also thanks’ to Colby Copeland for giving the race fans at B.D.R.C. a slot car race. You guys are “real racers” the kind we respect tremendously. Thank you! We must also thank Alan Handy and Handy Racing Promotions Inc. for another great weekend of Gold Cup racing! It doesn’t get any better!

JR Main Winner winner King of Calistoga winner King of Calistoga winner

(Top Left) Jr, A-Main event winner Jeremiah "Was a Bullfrog” Wherlty out of Oakley CA. (Top Right) Mark Sublett was crowned 2010 "King of Calistoga". (Bottom) Mark's winning 3DB car.

May 28-29th, Memorial Day weekend, a time to give thanks to America’s greatest heroes and head to Calistoga Speedway, where auto racing has been part of a traditional celebration of this great American holiday since 1937. The historic ½ mile dirt oval is the last of its kind in California and with renewed interest from the racing community and the Napa County Fair Board and a lot of effort on their part, it is headed back to becoming “The Shrine for Speed” that it once was. Calistoga Speedway is the place, to watch the Indianapolis 500 on the big screen, then hit the Big Daddy’s Race Center slot car track for the second annual “King of Calistoga” 1/32 scale race. The 40 lap a main, a tribute to the 410” “King of California” sprint cars that ran Saturday and Sunday night was convincingly won by the new “King of Calistoga”, veteran dirt track slot car racer Mark Sublett.

After hot laps (following the finish of the Indianapolis 500) and several 5 lap “crash and burn” heat races and several unsuccessful attempts at starting the race, the kids got the 20 lap Jr. A main race rolling. The thunder cars put on a good show with some old fashioned door slamming wheel to wheel action. Picking up his first big win and the Jr. A Main trophy, in his first appearance this year at the B.D.R.C. speedway, it was Jeremiah "Was a Bullfrog” Wherlty out of Oakley CA. over brother Donovan Wherlty, Kyle and Jason Riley and Kevin.

After several failed attempts the 40 lap “King of Calistoga” A Main started off in double file order with Mark Sublett setting a furious pace in his 3db outlaw slot car in lane 5. An unexpected spin–out by the leader on lap 3 saw 12y.o. Macie Hammond out of Clovis CA in the R19 car taking over the top spot for the restart in lane 8. Hanging on for a couple of laps till she also lost it, it was Mr. Hammond, Macie’s Dad in lane 7 snatching away the lead on the restart. Next it was his turn to slip-up and track “Mastermind” Fuller took over the lead until he also blew it. Setting the pace now was 14y.o. Tyler Hammond’s turn to lead it. Blazing up through the field, the # 3db car took the lead again with several close calls along the way. About mid race the 2 spin rule took effect due to the time factor. At that point things settled down with a hungry Mark Sublett driving the 3db car for all it was worth fending off several challenges and everyone else trying to keep up. About 10 laps clicked off smoothly towards the end with Mark surviving one more restart on lap 38 for a green, white, checker finish. A great slot car racer, Mark Sublett was proclaimed the 2010 “King of Calistoga” in victory lane. Mark runs real good out there and has worked hard to help B.D.R.C. A huge win Mark! But not unexpected! Congratulations! All you hot shot dirt track slot car racers out there common, common out for the Gold Cup and see if you can beat, the “King of Calistoga”! Bet you can’t!

Thanks’ for supporting Calistoga Speedway and bringing the kids out to the races Stan, you guy’s are the best bunch of rookie drivers we’ve had in a while! We’ll be looking for you at the Gold Cup or Trophy Cup. What happened to the rest of you slot car racers? Got sucked into watching the boob tube? Common you geeks get off the couch and a real life at the races! Special thanks goes out to CEO Charlene Moore and The Napa County Fair Board for this opportunity to bring the very best dirt track slot car racing to you and for the very best ½ mile sprint car racing on the west coast at the great “Shrine for Speed” Calistoga Speedway and last but not least, our friend, the very best sprint car driver around Calistoga, # 77 Mike Benson. Don’t worry Mike, we’ll have that 1/32 scale # 77 ready for you about Gold Cup time! See you at the races!

Dave Bradway Memorial winner Dave Bradway Memorial winner

Matt's famous #20 Outlaw Slot Car (left).

May 8, 2010

Outlaw slot car racing returned to Silver Dollar Speedway Saturday May 13 for the third annual 1/32 scale Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial. Also, returning to victory lane for his second win of the year it was no surprise to see MM Photos Matt Sublett. The defending champion of this event, having won it in ’08 and ’09 it was a great victory for a surprised Matt Sublett. The race started out on the second attempt with Sublett taking the lead and “The Mastermind” Fuller in second place. Swapping the lead every other lap or two they went at it until Fuller managed to pull out front by several car lengths about mid race, for about ten laps or so. Sublett kept the pressure on up in lane six and it paid off. Looking like he was headed to the winners circle it was a surprised Fuller that popped out of the slot in lane three on lap thirty-eight down in turn three. Fuller made a great slingshot move up through the field coming off of turn four on the restart for the two lap shootout pulling up alongside of sublett’s # 20 car but then lost it going into turn one, popping out of the slot again. With the two spin rule in effect and the track clear, the race kept going with outlaw slot car superstar Matt Sublett locking up another big win in the forty lap event. Matt said “ I was ready to settle for second place” but, Matt really deserved this win, the first time anyone has won a major annual outlaw slot car event three years in a row. Congratulations Matt, it was a great tribute to one of America’s most beloved race car drivers, Dave Bradway Jr.

Race fans, get ready for a return to Calistoga Speedway’s exciting ½ mile for winged sprint car racing and our second annual “King of Calistoga” outlaw slot car event on Memorial day weekend Saturday and Sunday. There’s no better way to spend this holiday!

We cannot wrap-up this report without thanking Alan Pajen, Handymotorsports.com and Silver Dollar Speedway for this very special opportunity to help remember a very special person, our friend Dave Bradway Jr. And, thank you for the great sprint car racing at Silver Dollar Speedway and Placerville Speedway. We can’t wait to get back!

Mini Gold Cup winner

03-13-10 Race Report.

Big Daddy’s Race Center started off the 2010 dirt track slot car racing season at Silver Dollar Speedway on Saturday afternoon March 13th. Matt Sublett broke out a brand new Sprints Plus slot car for the occasion and finished up in first place at the end of the 40 lap race. Winner of the inaugural 2007 Outlaw Slot Car Mini Race of Champions, Matt put together a masterful run on the scale ¼ mile clay oval. On the pole down in lane 3 in his # 20 car Matt took off in the lead on the second double file attempt at starting the race. With Brother Mark Sublett keeping the pressure on running about mid track in his # 14 Tim Green outlaw car in lane 6 it was “classic Matt and Mark” going at again. About mid race after fading a bit and spinning out, with mastermind Fuller in the 69 car easing into second place, Mark made a quick pick-up adjustment under the red and then worked his way back up to blow by Fuller and the rest of the field. Surprisingly it was Matt’s turn to loose it next down in turn one along with Fuller but Matt was able to work his way back up to the lead in a nearly flawless run the whole 40 laps. Mark fell a little short several car lengths back in second and Fuller several lengths further back in third at the drop of the checkered flag after a lap 37 restart. Another great 1-2 finish for the MM Photos racing team, Matt Sublett becomes the only two time winner of the 1/32 Scale Mini Outlaw Slot Car Race of Champions! Congratulations Matt, but watch out next time! Anybody up for another open competition “Rumble” at Slot Car Raceway? Stay tuned to the B.D.R.C. race schedule.

Ted Johnson Memorial

12-05-09 "Ted Johnson Memorial"

Wrapping up the ’09 outlaw slot car season young dirt track slot car racer Ryon Nelson paid a fitting tribute to “Our Hero”, Ted Johnson at the 20th Annual Kaeding Performance Racers Swap Meet Dec.5th {Santa Clara Co. Fairgrounds}. Taking another win in the Jr. Slot Car Racers 20 lap A-Main, Ryon pulled off a “Grand Slam” by also winning the Fourth Annual 50 Lap Ted Johnson Memorial 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Race! What a show he put on accomplishing what has never been done before! Finishing up in second place was twin brother Christopher for a 1-2 finish for the Nelson Racing Team. Now if we can get their dad, sprint car racer Kurt Nelson and granddad, former sprint car racer Dean Nelson to get with the program, perhaps a 1-2-3-4 place finish for the Nelson Racing Team might be possible! How about it guys? You’re not afraid to get beat by a couple of 10 year old kids racing slot cars are you?

A second attempt at starting the race saw veteran slot car racer Mark Sublett break out into the lead for several laps running in lane 6. With Ryan running along side in lane 5 and Christopher up in lane 9 trading shots at Mark for the lead, lap times hovered near two seconds flat in what appeared to be the fastest laps turned in all year long. Some reshuffling of the field through the mid portion of the race occurred after several caution periods. The pressure was too much on the 3DB car and Sublett slipped up spinning out after a great run. Having to restart in the rear of the field, Mark in desperation made a quick pick-up adjustment that unfortunately slowed his car down perhaps costing him his first Ted Johnson Memorial win. Continuing on to the finish it was all Ryan Nelson serving notice that he has become a force to be reckoned with. Brother Christopher hung several car lengths back not to far off the pace with a solid second place finish. Rookie dirt track slot car racer Matt Frigoli put up a good showing finishing up in third place with lot’s of promise and The Infamous One and Only “Pepper Ed” finished up disappointed in fourth place.

Words cannot say the dedication to the sport of outlaw sprint car racing Ted Johnson had. A great American we will never forget. We miss him and will treasure his legacy that lives on. Long live The World of Outlaws! The greatest form of motorsports there ever was! Thank You, Ted. We must also thank another great American, King of California for ever and ever, a great race driver and person, Brent Kaeding. Thank You Brent once again for this special opportunity to remember “Our Hero” Ted Johnson and to have a chance at racing dirt track slot cars with the race fans and drivers. And, thanks’ for the “Great Bar-B-Q” at the shop that you have every year. It’s “top notch and second to none! See everyone next year at the races. Until then…support your local slot car shop and Happy Holidays.

Winner photo
Ryon Nelson (Jr. Main event winner) and Big Daddy's Race Center Mastermind Steve Fuller celebrate winning their respective main events.

Jan Opperman the racing hippy turned evangelist was remembered at the second annual Big Daddy’s Race Center Jan Opperman 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Classic, October 24th at Thunder Bowl Raceway, Tulare CA. One of the greatest charismatic race car drivers ever, two time Indianapolis 500 starter and at one time the winningest dirt track sprint car race driver in America was loved and idolized by thousands of race fans. His fame spread all across the nation and included an incident that happened at the 1976 Hoosier 100. He was fatally injured in a nasty crash on the back chute of the one mile dirt track. Because of the love and prayers the race fans had for Jan Opperman, God answered their prayers and Jan was resurrected from the dead as was our Lord Jesus Christ.” Praise The Lord” as Jan would say.

Racing on the B.D.R.C. ¼ mile started out with last years defending Jr. A-Main champion Ryan Nelson taking home another trophy for a repeat win in the crash filled, shortened 10 lap race. A member of the famous Nelson racing family out of San Jose, Ryan looks like he might have a promising future representing the family heritage. Congratulations to Ryan and his twin brother Christopher who also did a good job finishing up in third place over young Conner Chesstaine. Conner also put up a great run finishing just a little off the pace in second place. It won’t be long before he will be taking home a trophy for his first big win.

The 40 lap Jan Opperman Outlaw Slot Car Classic got rolling on the second double file start with Conner’s dad Greg holding onto the lead up on the top of the racetrack in lane 10 for several laps in the # 3db car till a spin put him at the back of the field. Taking over the lead it was the ”Mastermind” Steve Fuller and ’09 Race of Champions winner Mark Sublett going at it swapping the lead several times till a pick-up loaded up on Mark’s car. With time becoming a factor and the two spin rule in effect, several entries fell by the wayside. Steadily moving up through the field Matt Sublett took over the second place in lane 6 near the middle of the racetrack. Transferring from the Jr. A-Main Colton and Greg DeCaries (Jr.) ran smoothly just a little bit back of the leaders. It was Fuller over Matt Sublett by 3-4 car lengths at the finish for his first Jan Opperman Outlaw Slot Car Classic win.

Additional highlights included driver Randy Hannagan stopping by Friday afternoon to have his youngster run a few laps and our friends from the Seattle area, real race car driver Danielle Huson and (former real race car driver and still a hot Mom) Debbie Huson cutting some hot laps Sat. night giving some of the younger race fans a big thrill! Thanks ladies for coming over to mix it up a bit with the kids. We must say that the racing on the real speedway was outstanding both nights and very exciting! Be sure to check out Thunder Bowl Raceway, we guarantee you will like it! We also want to thank Trophy Cup Promoter Dave Pusateri, Thunder Bowl Raceway Promoter Steve Faria and the friendly Thunder Bowl Raceway Staff. Thank all of you for this great opportunity to remember one of our greatest race drivers ever, Jan Opperman and a chance to mix it up with the race fans and perhaps some real race drivers. Next and final race for ’09 will be the fourth annual 50 Lap 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Ted Johnson Memorial on Dec. 5th at B.K.’s race car swap meet at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. See you there...the earlier the better! And, don’t forget the Kaeding Performance Bar-B-Q after the swap meet!

The Big Daddy’s Race Center 1/32 Scale Fall Nationals 40 Lap Outlaw Slot Car Oktoberfest event at Silver Dollar Speedway turned into a big surprise upset win for 9 year old Greg, son of former S.D.S. Champion Greg DeCaries! The third attempt at starting the race saw a single file line-up get going at a furious pace for a couple of laps. Up on the high side of the racetrack in lane 9 it was hard charging youngster Greg DeCaries eventually stretching out a slight lead over G.P. Classic winner Matt Sublett in the # 20 car down in lane 6.. A couple of spin-outs by slower cars slowed the pace slightly to allow the tires on the DeCarise # 6 car to cool down somewhat and then they went at it again. Due to a caution light malfunction and time factor the A-Main had to be run in a crash and burn style format. With several entries falling by the wayside, the race went non-stop to the finish line. Keeping the pressure on but finishing 3 or 4 car lengths back in second was MM Photos Matt Sublett and youngster Colton on the Tyler Walker pit crew in third place. Good job putting on the show you guys and congratulations on that first big win Greg!

Additional highlights included Cameron Mendes driver of the cool looking # 20 sprint car out hot lapping again with some of the youngsters giving them a thrill Friday afternoon and Mark Taber Jr. driver of the # 36 sprint car stopping by Friday night. Thanks’ for autographing the trailer guys and mixing it up with the race fans. These guys are the last on a dying breed of race car drivers that are not afraid to race anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Special thanks to Silver Dollar Speedway Promoter Alan Padjen and Handy Racing Promotions as well as Pat Ponzo and the Silver Dollar Speedway Staff for the outstanding sprint car racing and the opportunity to race slot cars with the race fans and drivers. Thank you! We plan to return to S.D.S. for the Mini Gold Cup March 10-11th 2010.

We can’t wait to get back!

Oct.23-24th B.D.R.C. will be at Thunder Bowl Raceway for The Trophy Cup and the second annual Jan Opperman Outlaw Slot Car Classic. See you there

Winner photo
Winner photo
Winner photoWinner photo
(Top photo) Top three cars are displayed in front of the hardware they won. Top three finishers in the Big Daddy's Race Center's 4th annual "1/32 scale Race of Champions" were winner (left photo) Mark Sublett (Center), second went to (right) Steve Fuller and Matt Sublett finished third. (Right photo) Jr. Main event top three finishers were winner RJ Johnson (center), second went to Greg DeCaries Jr. (left) and Colton finished third. A good time was had by all at the Gold Cup!! Can't wait till next year.

9-12-06 Chico, CA.

Taking the checkered flag it was MM Racing Photos Mark Sublett winning the fourth annual Big Daddy’s Race Center 40 lap Outlaw Slot Car Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway Sept.9-12. With the 56th annual Gold Cup Race of Champions setting the stage for the weekend and 100 degree weather, the scenery was very distracting and as usual, famously outstandingl Chalking up an unprecedented second B.D.R.C. Outlaw Slot Car Race of Champion’s win, Mark set the pace on opening laps driving his # 3db winged sprint car in the middle of the racetrack in lane 5. Track conditions were ideal with the surface quite tacky and mid-two second lap times. Surviving several single file restarts and a late race challenge from brother Matt on the high side in lane 8, it was a well deserved win. After struggling through a number of bridesmaid finishes the first couple of years on the dirt, Mark is now on top of the world of dirt track slot car racing! Congratulations Mark!

Jr. A-main racing was quite the show with lots of enthusiasm and a car count of 11 entries. After two ten lap heat races it was Devyn Brown of Antelope, CA winning the 10 lap B-Main over Greg DeCaries Jr. out of Elk Grove CA. The 20 lap Jr. A-Main was hotly contested with Tanner Thomson of Minden, NV doing a great job leading in the Kyle Hirst # 6 car until dropping out around lap 12 with a broken lead wire. The last half of the race went smoothly with wheel to wheel racing and heads-up driving. Going on to take the big win was R.J. Johnson out of Roseville CA over the DeCaries brothers Greg Jr. and young Colton making a great race out of it. Good job guys! R.J. transferred to 40 lap A-Main and Tanner also with a B.D.R.C. provisional entry.

We return to Silver Dollar Speedway again Oct. 1-3 for three days of slot car racing with the inaugural running of the B.D.R.C. Fall Nationals Outlaw Slot Car Oktoberfest and one of the best sprint car events in the USA all year long, The Feather Falls Casino "Fall Nationals" for 360 winged sprint cars. This event at S.D.S. is always a very exciting race. We invite everyone to join us for some slot car racing fun that will probably include some real race drivers. Be sure to be there!

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Alan Padjen and the Silver Dollar Speedway Staff for their great hospitality and the opportunity to have a shot at racing slot cars with the race fans and perhaps a real race driver or two. Thank you! The Gold Cup Race was as always, spectacular!!! We can’t wait till next year!

photo photo photo
photo photo photo
photo photo photo

Winner photo
Big Daddy's Race Center mastermind Steve Fuller congratulates Matt Sublett after he won the "Tribute to Gary Patterson" 1/32nd scale Slot Car race held at the fairgrounds in Chico.

The Dancing Phantom, The Preacher, The Great G.P. was remembered once again at Silver Dollar Speedway July 25 by the Golden State/ King of California 410” sprint cars on the real ¼ mile raceway as well as Big Daddy’s Race Center’s 1/32 scale outlaw slot cars on the scale ¼ mile raceway earlier that afternoon. Gary Patterson lived to race. He always gave the fans their money’s worth of entertainment and then some. They idolized him by the thousands. He was willing to risk everything for the sport he loved right up to that night at Calistoga Speedway back in ’83, when the Preacher met his fate in a terrible crash on the front straightaway. And, we loved him too…

It was Matt Sublett gunning his Baily Bros. 01 outlaw slot car for all it was worth the last two laps of the 40 lap A-main to grab the G.P. Classic for slot cars over brother Mark Sublett in his Tim Green #14 car. B.D.R.C. Mastermind Fuller and hard core race fan/rookie dirt track slot car racer Bruce Bernardis out of Grass Valley kept the heat on but fell short at the checkered flag. The last lap saw the second, third and the fourth place cars all flip trying to bust a move to run down the leader. Another well deserved win for Matt, congratulations. Having cherry picked the last two B.D.R.C. A-mains, looks like Matt is the odds on favorite to add a Race of Champions win to his impressive resume come Gold Cup time. Good luck Matt, you’re going to need it with what is shaping up to be perhaps our biggest event ever!

Our next race winn be at the Gold Cup in Chico. We’d like to see some of you timid type slot car geeks sneak off to the races that weekend to join us and bring your sprint cars for some great clay track racing!

A big thank you goes to Alan Pajen and Silver Dollar Speedway & staff for another special opportunity to remember one of the best ever race drivers, The Great G.P. And, thank you and Mom and Dad for some of the best ever dirt track racing once again at Silver Dollar Speedway. We just about can’t wait much longer for Gold Cup week!!!

Winner photo
Big Daddy's Race Center mastermind Steve Fuller is crowned 2009 "King of Calistoga" 1/32nd scale Slot Car Champion.

Winner photo
Winner of Big Daddy's Race Centers 2009 Jr. "King of Calistoga" 1/32nd scale Slot Car race.

Memorial Day weekend May 23rd & 24th Big Daddy’s Race Center returned to Calistoga Speedway! A surprise invitation from race driver/new promoter Mike Benson (# 77 to all you race fans) was an offer we could not refuse. It was very obvious things have changed for the better at the speedway. Our first concern is to wish Mike all the best with his effort to return Calistoga Speedway to the place of racing prominence it deserves. California’s last ½ mile dirt track speedway has been in existence since 1937 and has a heap of history behind it Including being the place where slot car racing was officially "outlawed".

After watching Helio Castronaves win his third Indy 500 at the traditional pancake breakfast it was time to go slot car racing!! This time we were actually running a make-up event, the inaugural running of "The King of Calistoga". Once again it was M&M Photos Matt and Mark Sublett helping to keep the sport of dirt track slot car racing alive. The 30 lap A-main turned into a great race. "The Mastermind" Steve Fuller held onto a slim 2-3 car length lead over Mark Sublett the last few laps to take the win and later that night was proclaimed "The King of Calistoga". Also later that evening, the fast ½ mile speedway saw Kyle Hirst put on quite a show, at one point gaining a straightaway lead over second place and going on to take the win. Kyle, save something for the outlaws at the Gold Cup will you!!! And, don’t forget to common by and hit the slot car track while you’re at it!!!!

We’re looking forward to returning to Calistoga Speedway on Labor Day weekend Sept 5-6th for some USAC sprint car racing and our first ever "Thunder and Lightning" non-wing 1/32 scale dirt track slot car race!!! All you race fans need to be there and bring somebody with you to support Calistoga Speedway. Get those non winged sprint slot cars dusted off and bring them along too. We’ll make sure they are put to good use!!!

Dave Bradway Memorial

One of our most beloved race car drivers, Dave Bradway Jr. passed on to eternity while racing at the 1987 Super Dirt Cup, Skagit Speedway WA. He was a favorite driver because of his antics and fan friendly style of winning races all up and down the west coast. Every year in the month of May, race fans gather at Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico CA. to whiteness what has to be one of the most prestigious and spectacular racing events in California. It seems that race car drivers want to win this race, to go down in history as a winner of this event to honor and help remember someone very special. This year was the 19th running of this event. We have not missed one since attending our first one back in '95.

This year we were both pleased and very fortunate to be in attendance and again take part in the festivities. The second annual “Big Daddy's Race Center 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race” seemed to once again take on some characteristics of the big race later on that evening. Returning to victory lane driving the slot car that won the very first A-Main on the dirt Dec.26, '04, his birthday, it was Matt Sublett driving the wheels off the #20 car. A last lap, last turn unbelievable banzai charge on the high side of the racetrack around M&M Photos other slot car racer, brother and last year's defending race winner Mark Sublett was the exact same move that saw ex-outlaw race driver Jonathan Allard take the checkered flag over Brad Sweet by about 1/2 a car length tater on that evening. Leading most of the race Mark looked like he was headed for a second straight D.B.Jr. Memorial win but fell just short by 1/2 a car length at the end of the 40 lap A-Main. A surprised Matt Sublett was happy to take home the beautiful Dave Bradway Jr Memorial trophy. "I didn't think I could do it but on that last lap I just wasn't going to let off...it was one of those win it or wear it deals I guess." Struggling for the last year or so Matt really ran a great race and deserved a big win, the last one being back at the '07 Mini Gold Cup. Great race brothers and thanks' for all the help!

Additional highlights included not so young anymore and looking pretty fast on the slot car track too, was Katelyn "Brad Sweet's little sister" Sweet out hot lapping the track once again. How about a grudge race with Brad, Katelyn? Also later on that evening after watching the heat races from the announcing booth at the top of the grandstand we helped entertain the race fans between races with a presentation over the PA system of our poem "Jr." Thank you, Troy Henning (Silver Dollar Speedway track announcer), Alan Pajen (Silver Dollar Speedway Promoter), Pat Ponzo and the Silver Dollar Speedway staff for this great opportunity to remember a great race car driver and person Dave Bradway Jr. It was an honor. See you all again at Silver Dollar Speedway on July 25th for the 1/32 scale "Outlaw Slot Car G.P. Classic". The sprint car racing was intense and very exciting! We can't wait to get back to S.D.S.!!!!

Winner photo
The 2nd Annual 1/32nd Scale Outlaw Slot Car "Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial" winner was Matt Sublett (Center). Mark Sublett (right) finished second and Big Daddy's Race Center Mastermind Steve Fuller finished third.

Winner photoWinner photo
Junior A main event winner Brandon and Art White and Brian White out of Fresno CA who won the A-Main.
Winner photo Winner photo Winner photo Winner photo

03-21-09 - RACE REPORT

The second annual (last year rained out) United Race of America was a celebration once again of the reunification of the Advanced Auto Parts World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. Two nights of outlaw racing at Thunder Bowl Raceway, Tulare CA set the stage for some outstanding wheel to wheel dirt track winged sprint car racing on the real raceway as well as the 1/32 scale raceway. Picking up a big win it was local NORCAL slot car racers Art White and Brian White out of Fresno CA taking home the first place trophy. Jr. A main outlaw slot car racing had young Okalahoma hot shoe Brandon following up last week's win at Silver Dollar Speedway with another outstanding first place finish.

The 30 lap A main turned into a shoot-out between Big Daddy's Race Center's Steve Fuller and veteran racer Art White swapping the lead several times. With Matt Sublett fighting an ill handling new race car and eventually giving way to Brian White the cars got strung out at times giving an open race track up front for the leaders to race on. Pulling out a slight car length lead the last few laps it looked like the "Mastermind" might pick up another win but on the last lap Fuller's # 60 Race of Champions' 09 winning car bobbled down low coming off turn two and popped out of the slot. That was all that was needed for Art's # 2 outlaw slot car that was all over the back of the # 60 car a couple of lanes up along with the # 10 outlaw car driven by Brian White to blow by and take the win. Accepting the first place trophy for a great win representing NORCAL slot car racers, Art was in a jolly mood and ready for some more dirt track slot car racing when we return to Thunder Bowl Raceway for The Trophy Cup in October. Congratulations guys, great race! With NORCAL racers running essentially a 1-2 clean sweep it was perhaps a portent into the future.

Additional highlights for the weekend saw real race car drivers Kyle Hirst and his pit crew running the new # 6 car on the top Friday night after the races and veteran outlaw racer Jac Haudenschild out of Ohio hot lapping a slot car for the first time ever Saturday afternoon. Brad Sweet also tested the clay oval. They all looked good so, if we can persuade them and another very popular well known outlaw superstar to give us a slot car race at the Gold Cup we'll be in business! Get ready all you NORCAL guys, We know you won't want to miss out on that one! Stay tuned for additional race dates coming up.

A very special thank you to Thunder Bowl Raceway for this opportunity to mix it up a bit with the real racers at the races and for bringing the World of Outlaws to Tulare and the great show they put on. It really was fantastic and very exciting! Please, don't miss the next chance to see the outlaws at this very fine place to race! Otherwise you'll really be missing out! And, bring those outlaw slot cars along too!


03-14-09 - RACE REPORT

The green flag for Big Daddy’s Race Center’s outlaw slot car racing 2009 came out Saturday March 14th at Silver Dollar Speedway. The checkered flag was also waving for the career of Hall of Fame auto racing promoter John Pajen and John Pajen Motorsports. John and wife Robbie have been very dear to our hearts and our efforts to put the sport of outlaw slot car racing on the map. We wish to express our sincere gratitude for their help and the opportunity they made possible along with many years of great sprint car racing first at West Capital Raceway and for the last 30 years at Silver Dollar Speedway. John and Robbie, best wishes in your retirement and THANK YOU for everything!!!! We will be looking forward to perhaps a new opportunity of working with Alan Pajen and Handymotorsports for a super ’09 season of outlaw slot car racing. This year we are moving ahead with an expanded schedule at Silver Dollar Speedway including five events

Starting out with the kids we saw 9 year old Brandon from Langley, OK representing the Danny Losaski racing T-shirts trailer taking a win over last years Race of Champions Jr. A main winner Steven Ponzo in a hotly contested race. With the weather a little brisk, sight seeing and socializing seemed to be a bit down from usual but we were fortunate to have real racer Austin Wright out of Sonoma CA joining us to take a shot at fame and glory. A main action had M&M Racing Photos Mark and Matt Sublett running their patented 1-2 line around the speedway after another big sideways slide out of turn two while leading early on in the opening laps by Big Daddy’s mastermind Steve Fuller. Dropping back to third it was Fuller and Wright keeping the heat on the the M&M racing team. As the laps klicked off Mark eventually pulled out a 2-3 car length lead and looked like maybe snatching another big win but a lap 37 restart had Fuller slipping ahead into the lead out of turn four on the green and hanging on the last 3 laps. Taking the win by only a car length or so it was another big win for the “Mastermind”.

“I got lucky this time when Mark’s car bogged down on the restart. I want to thank Mark for this one; he gave me a little tip before the race. He and brother Matt are usually right there at the finish line and as I’ve said before, these guys are tough to beat!” Also, without their help and never ending support, Big Daddy’s Race Center would not be out on the road brining outlaw slot car racing to you! Thank you, Mark and Matt. We also want to thank Slot Car Raceway racer Austin for his efforts to support us and sprint car racing. We cannot forget to also thank our friend Pat Ponzo of Silver Dollar Speedway for his assistance arranging things for us. Those of you who have not done so, get up off the couch some time soon and get out to Silver Dollar Speedway for some outlaw slot car racing, awesome dirt track racing and some good times!

12-06-08 - RACE REPORT

1/32 scale outlaw slot car racing for Big Daddy’s Race Center in 2008 finished up with the third annual Ted Johnson 50 lap Memorial race on Dec. 6th. The event was held again at the Kaeding Performance race car swap meet, always on the first Saturday in December every year at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, the site of some great sprint car racing in the past. It was a time to remember a great racing legend, “our hero” Ted Johnson, who helped make outlaw sprint car racing what it is today. Ted Johnson dedicated his life to outlaw sprint car racing and without him there might not still be such a thing as outlaw sprint car racing.

Opening laps saw Graffiti Grove owner/race promoter Ed Carlson gunning this years Race of Champions winning slot car, the # 60 outlaw car into the lead for several circuits and a stiff challenge for the lead from “Cowboy” Craig Smith, owner/driver of the San Martin, CA based # 39 360 sprint car, always a threat to win at any racetrack! Big Daddy’s Race Center’s Steve Fuller was driving last years winning car # 5 and young Colton (a chip off the old block) Smith in the # 73 car ran good for being a rookie and was having it out with ’06 race winner Matt Sublet of M&M Racing Photos in his multi-feature-winning # 20 outlaw slot car. Near mid race some entry’s started to fade and slip up with the three spin rule taking effect. Coming out on top of the dog pile, Fuller in the third slot from the bottom put the ponies down to the dirt and pulled off his first ‘Ted Johnson Memorial’ win. In second place at the drop of the checkered flag was Fast/Pepper Ed (Carlson). Up and coming Colton Smith finished up with a fine third place finish and promised to give us another race again next year. Thank’s Cowboy and Colton for the race. Maybe pretty soon it will be time to give Colton a shot at running the # 39 car Cowboy!

We must thank local race car driver Mark Chaves for stopping by to run some hot laps with us and everyone else who stopped by and a very special thank you to our friend, second generation Hall of Fame race driver and “King of California” Brent Kaeding for giving us this special opportunity to mix it up with those race car drivers that are willing to put it all on the line with their fans at Big Daddy’s Race Center, “The Home of Dirt Track Slot Car Racing”. Best wishes to every one for a great holiday season. See you at the races next year! And get those slot cars ready to give the Outlaws a race when the racing starts next year! Stay tuned for the 2009 race schedule.

Winner photo
Big Daddy's Race Center Mastermind Steve Fuller presents Mark Sublett the winner's Trophy after he won the Inaugural "Jan Opperman Classic". 10-25-08
Winner photo
Junior A main event winner Ryon Nelson (left) holds his Trophy as the other main event competitors pose behind Big Daddy's Race Center's mobile raceway. Ryon swept the event winning both heat races and held off his brother Christopher to win the main.

One of the all time greatest race drivers ever, idolized by thousands of race fans during a career that included a win at nearly every dirt track raceway there is, all across America, Jan Opperman, the outlaw dirt track hall of fame race driver was remembered at The Trophy Cup ‘08. With a premier opportunity to race slot cars at THE biggest event in the nation for 360” sprint cars at one of the most exciting dirt track raceways in America, it was a Blast!

Helping to get the festivities “rolling” Friday night were many time Skagit Raceway Champion Marc Huson with racer/wife Debbie and young race driver/daughter/Dannielle, one of the great racing families out of the N.W., taking on another favorite race driver and friend, Kyle Hirst. We were too busy to get any lap times but Matt and Mark Sublett kept the wick turned up and everybody seemed to be competitive! We were all quite thrilled and honored by their presence! Dannielle said she will be back in ‘09 to help make dirt track slot car racing bigger and better! Kyle, we know you will be there too! If Danielle gets to running as hard as mom and dad used to out on the dirt tracks she might be giving us a lesson or two! (www.daniellehuson.com) Especially, if she’s running a Shark Racing engine like Trophy Cup Winner Brad Sweet!

Jr. A Main racing saw a tough race between twin brothers Ryon and Christopher along with sprint car # 78 Barosso Racing crew members Mark and sister Katelyn. Taking the checkered flag in first place was Ryon with a very talented win.

The Big Daddy’s Race Center Jan Opperman 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Classic was perhaps the best event ever, with up and coming real race drivers Kyle Larson (# 83), Mason Moore (# 22), Colby Copeland (# 24) and Civil War veteran and popular race car driver that knows how to win races in a sprint car, the # 40 driver, Herman Kline. The race got off to a shaky start on the second attempt and quickly turned into another brother race with Mark and Matt putting on the show. The 40 lap race clicked off lap after lap but nobody had anything for Mark Sublett and what is becoming a hall of fame slot car, his # 14 Tim Green Machine. This was the 5th straight win for this car including two wins by the last two Jr. A main event winners! That weight you got stacked in the chassis sure seems to be the hot set up Mark! It wouldn’t be the same combo that Big John runs would it?

Also stopping by to hot lap was the Flyin’ Fig Farmer himself # 10, legendary sprint car racer Anthony Simone! Anthony also vowed to return for a race next year and it look’s like a very famous Hall of Fame race driver from Tennessee that likes to win races will also be back out here in Ca. to perhaps win his first outlaw slot car race at the Big Daddy’s Race Center Speedway!

We wish to very sincerely thank auto racing promoter Mr. Dave Pusateri for the great event he runs every year with this being the 15th annual Trophy Cup race and his very special offer to let us be a part of it this year. We also wish to thank those race drivers who took their time to come by along with everyone else and give us their support in our effort to make sprint car and slot car racing bigger and better! DON’T forget to mark your calendar for the start of Outlaw Sprint Car racing at Thunderbowl Raceway next Feb. for the greatest show on dirt! As Jan Opperman would say ""Praise the Lord, may the Spirit of Truth be with you!” See you at The Kaeding Performance Race Car Swap Meet Dec.6th at the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds for our 3rd annual Ted Johnson Memorial Race.


It could only happen at Silver Dollar Speedway on Gold Cup weekend. The racing was hot, the girls were hot, the weather was hot and it was time for the third annual Big Daddy’s Race Center 1/32 scale Outlaw Slot Car Race of Champions, Sept. 3-6 Chico, CA. With the temperature hovering right around the century mark there was lots of “things” to see in between races. Track conditions went back and fourth from perfect to super tacky all week long.

Jr. A main racing on Saturday afternoon saw 10 year old Steven Ponzo from the racing family of father Jerry and grandfather Pat pick up the win over Jack “The Other Wild Child” Hickson by a narrow margin. We were once again highly honored by the presence of a very famous racing legend among the spectators, 12 time Gold Cup winner, 20 time World of Outlaws champion, the one and only forever and ever and alway's King of The Outlaws, Steve Kinser! Who, took time out from his busy schedule to present the trophy to our race winner.

The 40 lap A main Race of Champions featured a thrilling wheel to wheel exhibition between “The Other Wild Child” and Big Daddy’s Race Center’s Steve Fuller. Little Jack once again came up just a bit short (no offence Jack) with another second place finish but was happy to take home his second place gold cup trophy. Traveling all the way from London, UK to finish up in third was original Big Daddy’s Race Center co-mastermind and good friend, outlaw slot car racer Mike Garber who was OK with finishing up in third but disappointed to leave Chico without the first place gold cup trophy. Thank’s Mike for your loyal and never ending support, better luck next year!

Out hot lapping earlier in the week was Slot Car Raceway expert and Petaluma speedway sprint car racer Jeff Garrison, up and coming sprint car racers Kyle Larson, Colby Copeland and Cameron Mendes and World of Outlaws super star Jason Meyers. Also stopping by earlier in the week was another great race driver in his own right and chip off the old block, Kraig Kinser and “real race driver” and winner of Wed. night’s Civil War 360 race and one of our personal favorite drivers and great person too, our first race driver ever to turn a lap on the speedway, Kyle Hirst. Thank you Kyle and everyone else and great exhibition out on the real speedway racing with Steve Kinser wheel to wheel!

We also wish to express a very sincere thank you to our friends at Silver Dollar Speedway who made this event possible, Mr.& Ms. John and Robbie Pajen, Johnna Pajen, the Silver Dollar Speedway crew and a very special person, Mr. Pat Ponzo. Make triple sure the first chance you get (360 Fall National’s) Oct. 2-5 “08 or the 2009 Mini Gold Cup next March 6-7 to head for Silver Dollar Speedway for the very best sprint car racing you are ever going to see this side of the moon! I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Rumble Flyer


1/32 scale open competition dirt track slot car racing returned to Rohnert Park, Ca. July 20th for “Big Daddy’s Rumble III at Slot Car Raceway”. Not far from Calistoga Speedway, the scene of an infamous crime spree last Labor Day Weekend, there was reason to fear because the competition here is fierce! SCR shop owner Frank Sarkela dominated heat race action and looked ready to bag his first big win on the dirt. It was very apparent there was some major talent out on the racetrack.

The 30 lap A Main “Rumble III” saw the green flag out on the second attempt at a double file start. “Uncle Frank” blasted out of turn two, down the back chute and into the lead from fourth starting slot. Setting the pace, Frank was on a mission and beat down all comers on several red flag restarts. Slipping into the lead for a lap, Big Daddy’s Steve Fuller in the exChelsey Hickson # 60 outlaw car got sideways out of turn two down the whole length of the back straight and went from first to fourth place, going into turn three. Frank was having a great run in the Kyle Hirst # 6 winged outlaw car till Ryan a.k.a. “Vegas” McDaniel in the #5 outlaw car took a shot at the lead along with SCR’s Scott Brown in the # 0 Rick Ferkel outlaw slot car. “Uncle Frank” and “Vegas” were hammering at each other for the lead about mid race for several laps, going at it wheel to wheel. A pair of late race single file restarts saw Frank out front on lap 27 followed by "Vegas", Fuller, Brown and youngster Brandon Fergeson. With the field bunched up again for a lap 28 restart, Fuller down low on the racetrack in the 2nd slot busted a move taking both “Uncle Frank” and “Vegas” by surprise, blowing by with a bonzai move. Taking the lead by a car length the mastermind of Big Daddy’s hung on till the finish line for a brilliant win. “I tried to save my tires for the finish". "I don’t suppose that trick will work again though". "Frank really deserved the win but I think I just got lucky this time". "These guys at SCR are great slot car racers and are real tough to beat". We'll be ready for everybody next time on our return to Slot Car Raceway for "Rumble IV" on Aug.17th and what looks to be the last chance to get ready for the slot car Race of Champions at the 55th annual Gold Cup, Sept. 3-6 at Silver Dollar Speedway.

We wish to dedicate this win to someone who needs our thoughts and prayers right now. Someone who is very dear to our hearts. The one and only forever and ever and always King of The Surf Guitar, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend and super star entertainer, Mr. Dick Dale. Get well soon brother and come on up to the races!

A special thank you to Slot Car Raceway owner and all time great slot car racer Frank Sarkela for providing "the best place to race" (and buy parts) and an opportunity for Big Daddy's Race Center to rumble!

Dave Bradway Memorial


M&M Racing Photos Mark Sublett returned to victory lane May 17 ' 08 with another big win on the Big Daddy's Race Center scale 1/4 mile dirt track. With an on the gas & in the groove move it was Mark taking command of the 40 lap A main 1/32 scale Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial slot car race. Just like the full scale event later on that night, opening laps saw several good size stack-ups with real race car driver Kyle Hirst breaking out into the lead for the first 11 laps. Kyle withstood one challenge after another first from pit crew member David and then Matt Sublett who eventually faded along the way. The large field of cars saw several entrys eliminated in between some good lap after lap runs. The last half of the race featured a duel between Kyle in the # 6 Hirst Racing Team car and Mark in the #14 Tim Green sprint car. The 100+ degree afternoon made a tacky and very racy surface and seemed to meet the approval of everyone. Falling just a bit short of "The Mark" with a close second place performance was "real race car driver" Kyle Hirst and a fine third place finish by Hirst Racing Team crew member David. With emotion reflecting respect for the memory of "Jr." first place winner Mark commented "I consider this win just as big as my Gold Cup (2007 Race of Champions) win, my first win, if not even bigger! With such a great show these guy's put on it look's like we will definitely schedule the second annual 1/32 scale Dave Bradway Jr.event for next year.

Jr A main racing action saw Jack "The Little Wild Child" taking his second Jr. A main and trophy over his sister Chelsey and other kids and transferring to the 40 lap Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial event. Jack ran pretty good in the 40 lap race. Thanks' Jack and Chelsey and you other youngsters for your support too. We wouldn't consider it much of a race without you kids keeping us honest!

Special thanks' to Kyle Hirst, our first real race driver to ever turn a lap on the scale 1/4 mile back in Sept.' 06. Kyle is a very fine representative of sprint car racing, a real good racer and a first Class act and thanks' Kyle for bringing along your crew members they are tough to beat too!!!

A very special and sincere thank you to top notch auto racing promoter and friend of sprint car racing Mr.&Ms.John and Robbie Padjen for the great auto racing at Silver Dollar Speedway and very special opportunity to help remember a very special race car driver and person, our friend Dave Bradway Jr.

Dave Bradway Memorial Winners

Dave Bradway Jr. memorial JR Main Event winner Jack (Left) and Overall winner Mark show off their winning hardware.

Photos / Results

Mini Gold Cup-kids winner

JR A-Main event winner Taylor Arellao and the rest of the top main event finishers pose in front of Big Daddy's Race Center track hauler after running their main event.

Mini Gold Cup-winner

Kolton McDonald accepts a handshake and the winners Trophy from Big Daddy's Race Center's Steve Fuller after winning the 1/32nd version of the 2008 "Mini Gold Cup".


With 410" winged sprint car racing at Silver Dollar Speedway for the 22nd annual running of the "Mini Gold Cup" as a backdrop for the Big Daddy's Race Center "Mini 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Car Race of Champions", it doesn't get any better. The scale 1/4 mile slot car raceway actually modeled after the real speedway was the scene of a gigantic upset win by Auburn, Ca. race fan, 13 year old Kolton McDonald!

The 15 lap Jr. A Main had a bunch of promising young rookie slot car racers testing out their skills with 12 year old Taylor Arellao also from Auburn picking up the win and Jr. A Main trophy. Due to a short field, several racers transferred to the 40 lap A Main.

The "Mini Race of Champions" got underway with the drop of the green flag on the second attempt at a double file start. Opening laps were stop and go between several red flags. Near the half way mark a couple of cars were black flagged for repeated delays of the race. Up to this point it was anybody's race with many position and lead changes. From this point on the cars ran some good fast lap after lap racing. Things settled down with track Mastermind Fuller assuming the lead along with Taylor, Kolton and M&M Photos Matt Sublett not too far back. As the laps wound down the red flag was out again on lap 37. When the green came out it was "The Auburn Kid" slipping into the lead and not looking back. A desperate last lap charge saw Fuller's car flip off the 4th turn as young Kolton crossed the finish line followed by Matt and Jr. A Main winner Taylor.

Young Kolton drove the wheels off his car the last few laps after finding the groove and was presented the winners trophy, a real nice one too, by Big Daddy's Race Center's Mastermind Steve Fuller. Congratulations Kolton, great job! We want to see you at the next race on our schedule, the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial on May 17. We'll be ready for you!

Other highlights of the weekend included a post race hot lap session Saturday after the races by a group of modified racers from Susanville Ca.led by modified racer Matt Murphy. They all turned respectable looking laps on the scale 1/4 mile oval and vowed to return to give the race fans a race. They are what sadly enough seems to be a dying breed, those race drivers who are not afraid to race because they might lose, but instead will race anybody, anywhere, anytime, just for fun. That is what they call a "real racer". Thanks a lot guys, for giving us your support. Together, guys like you, the race fans and Big Daddy's Race Center will work together to help make our sport, no matter what the scale, bigger and better!!! Long Live The Sport of Dirt Track Racing!!!

Once again it's time to thank those who made this event possible namely Hall of Fame Auto Racing Promoter, Mr.& Mrs.John Padjen of John Padjen Motorsports and Silver Dollar Speedway for the great sprint car racing at the fairgrounds that is top notch and second to none! If you have not been to Silver Dollar Speedway you are really missing out so go to their web link and mark down the dates and go there. You will not be disappointed! And their Friday night program is also second to none!

We must stop at this point because I MUST get back to bed and I also have to get ready tomorrow to go and see my psychiatrist unfortunately. I'm sure some of you sprint car race drivers will understand!


Brent Kaeding accepts a handshake and the winners Trophy from Big Daddy's Race Center's Steve Fuller after winning the 50 Lap "Ted Johnson Memorial".

Click here for "Ted Johnson Memorial" PHOTOS!

2nd Annual "Ted Johnson Memorial"

"Our Hero" Ted Johnson, dedicated his life to the sport of Outlaw Sprint Car Racing. "THE GREATEST RACE FAN" Ted Johnson. Without the "GREATEST RACE FAN" the sport would not be what it is today. Saturday December 1st, 2007 at the second annual Big Daddy's Race Center 50 LAP "Ted Johnson Memorial" 1/32nd Scale Outlaw Slot Car Classic we remembered "Our Hero".

The extra distance special event, the longest race of the year was again held at the Kaeding Performance Race Car Swap Meet at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. Leading the race from green to checkered flag it was "King of California" Brent Kaeding. Winning the race and taking the beautiful Memorial Trophy back to the second annual Kaeding Performance Barbeque.

Entries included the great racing names of Vameron, Golobic, Nelson, Foulger, Kaeding and defending race winner Matt Sublett. Brent ran a mid-morning hot lap session of three or four minutes on the highside of the race track then had to go take care of swap meet business. When he returned about a half an hour later it was time to get down to "brass tax" as they say. Slot Car racing with the "King of California"! The 50 lap A-Main got underway after a couple of red flags. Track conditions were a bit slippery with the cold weather. With Brent leading lap after lap the race went on, all the while Brent was answering cell phone calls with one hand, working the slot car controller in the other while managing the swap meet, chewing gum and lapping the field all at the same time without even breaking a bead of sweat. Now that's what we call totally awesome! A fantastic display of talent and skill! Near the halfway mark a desperate mid-race challenge from USAC Champion and family member Bud Kaeding fell short of the mark along with all others. Once again, congratulations Brent on very convincing and a most deserving win. You truly are the "King of California" and a Champion race driver.

Thank you Brent for the very kind invitation to attend the Swap Meet that has made this event possible the past two years and the Kaeding Performance Barbeque later on at the shop was also top notch and second to none. It was indeed a special honor to be able to run this event in remembrance of, "Our Hero" Ted Johnson. We thank everyone for their attendance and must say that we were inspired by Ted Johnson.



Top 3 finishers in the 2nd annual "Race of Champions" held at Silver Dollar Speedway.


The JR A-Main event winner is presented the trophy from Big Daddy Race Center's Steve Fuller.

Click here for "Speed Week 07" STORY & PHOTOS!


Big Daddy's Race Centers Steve Fuller (right) is congratulated by slot car racing icon and owner of Slot Car Raceway Frank Sarkela after winning the "Rumble II" A-Main event. Click HERE for a full report with PHOTOS!!

06-30-07- Rumble-II


Big Daddy's Rumble II at Slot Car Raceway (6/30/07) turned into an afternoon of open competition dirt track slot car racing instead of the anticipated road rage follow up to "Rumble I". The star studded list of entrys included 2006 Race of Champion's and 2007 GP Classic wnner, race you anytime anywhere outlaw slot car racer "Big John" Albright, slot car racing Icon and owner of Slot Car Raceway Frank Sarkela, slot car racing legend and VIP Peter V, and The Slot Car Magician, 2006 Race of Champions runner-up Michael Garber.

10 lap heat races set the field for the 30 lap A-Main "Rumble II". After a pair of aborted attempts a single file start got the race going. The first 10 laps saw several lead changes. The three spin rule took effect eliminating several cars as the laps klicked off. Running a low slot it was The Mastermind of Big Daddy's Race Center, Steve Fuller comming up with his second big win since taking the track out on the road last year. FInding the fast groove and squeeking by at the finish ahead of second place finisher Ryan McDaniel and third place finisher Peter V. in the sharp looking Penngrove Motorcycles entry, it was his 10th win on the dirt. Good race guy's!!! Earlier a well known local celebrity was seen hot lapping. How did you like the dirt?

Our next race "The King of Calistoga" at Calistoga Speedway is comming up fast. This will be a big event and a must for those race drivers and race fans that are planning to run the second annual "Race of Champions" a week later. The last chance to get ready to take on the Outlaws! We invite evervone to attend both events. This year there will be no entry fee for either event and we are expecting both to be bigger and better than last year!!

Special thank's for making this event possible goes to a great slot car racer and VIP, owner of Slot Car Raceway and a great guy too!!, Frank Sarkela. Do yourself a big favor if you have not yet been to Slot Car Raceway and make sure to go and check it out soon. It is a great place to race slot cars and well worth stopping by.


GP Classic

The Inaugural Big Daddy's Race Center "GP Classic" for 1/32 Scale Outlaw Slot Cars was held on Memorial Day weekend, a traditional weekend of auto racing all across America. The Dancing Phantom, The Preacher, The Great GP, Gary Patterson, one of America's all time greatest and most beloved Hall of Fame race car drivers, idolized by thousands of race fans all across America and beyond was remembered. He lived and died for the kind of racing he loved most; wheel to wheel rough and tumble dirt track sprint car racing.

The 1/32 scale "GP Classic" was won by one of America's greatest outlaw slot car racers "Big John" Albright with a record eighteenth main event win on the scale 1/4 mile track. Competition included a formidable threat from Big Daddy's Rumble at Slot Car Raceway winner Kurt Pesutich and a group of racers from Slot Car Raceway, Rhonert Park,Ca.(see web link), Mark & Matt of MM Racing Photos and up and coming Golden State Challenge/ King of California dirt track sprint car racer Brett Miller

Two 10 lap heat races saw several top cars fail to transfer to the A main.To expedite the program B main racing was cut short after several cars were eliminated by the 3 spin-out rule.

30 lap A main action was a fast and furious fitting tribute to The Great GP, ending up a three way battle between John in #15, MM Photos driver Mark Sublett in #14 and David Spriggs in the Rick Ferkel 0 outlaw slot car. The spirit of The Great GP must have been with us because the race was hotly contended all the way The Preacher would have liked it. The winner "Big John" took home a beautiful trophy memorializing The Great GP. Mark took second place with another good showing and Spriggs came in with a third place finish: not bad for his first time on the track and in a barrowed car too!

Highlight of the event was the entry of real racer Brett Miller who ran good for his first time on the track. We wish to thank him for his entry in The "GP Classic" for 1/32 Scale Slot Cars and look forward to racing with him again. We also want to thank the people that run Calistoga Speedway for being so friendly and putting on the real show! See you at Slot Car Raceway for Big Daddy's Rumble II at Slot Car Raceway on June 30. Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!


Matt Sublett (right) is presented the trophy from second place finisher Steve Fuller after winning the Mini Race of Champions held at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico Saturday afternoon. Matt won controling his #11 Dave Helm/Steve Kent look alike car to it's first win ever.

The Mini Gold Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, CA., March 9-10 set the stage for the Big Daddy's Race Centers 1/32nd scale outlaw slot car Mini Race of Champions. M&M Racing Photos brothers Matt and Mark took home the gold with a pair of main event wins.

On a brisk Friday night brother Mark kept his cool and found the groove and another of his patented on the gas and going away, wide margin of victory demonstrations on the track that was very slick and challenging. The 20 lap preliminary Mini main marked Mark's 3rd preliminary main out on the road and he looked like the one to beat on Saturday.

Not to be outdone brother Matt pulled out all the stops for Saturday's 30 lap A-Main. In a close and exciting finish Matt took his first major win of the year and his 3rd major win since going out on the road. The track was fast and very racy on the warm afternoon. The brothers say they are ready to give some real race drivers a race. They enjoy helping the youngsters who also find the groove and share their secret techniques with them. They are good guys and are headed someday to the slot car Hall of Fame.

We were quite pleased to have Central Valley top notch sprint car racer Craig Stidham out hot lapping on Saturday, putting on a classroom demonstration for us, with a number of impressive and consistent laps that looked real good!! Thank you Craig. Maybe next time some of the other race drivers will be there to give you a race!!

Special thanks for making this event possible and a big congratulations for winning National Motorsports Promoter of the Year goes out to John Padjen and John Padjen Motorsports, and thanks for putting on the show!


Big Daddy takes the win at Thunderbowl Raceway

Race Report: 02-24-07

With all the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Teams back together for 2007 it is time to celebrate!! February 23rd and 24th the 1/32nd scale Outlaw Slot Cars and Big Daddy's Race Center's portable 1/32nd scale 1/4 mile clay oval stopped in at Tulare's Thunderbowl Raceway to run the "United Race of America"!!

Fridays preliminary main event, run on a cold, slick and treacherous race track was won by Mark Sublett with a convincing run away victory, his second career main event win and first out on the road.

The weather Friday was around 40 degrees but Saturday afternoon warmed up to make the track much more raceable.

Winning the race of his life and the first since taking the track out of the garage and on the road, Big Daddy's mastermind Steve Fuller picked up the win in Saturday's 30 lap feature looking somthing like the Hurrying Hoosier himself. This win has offset what at times seemed like the agony of defeat. Second and third place finishers Mark and Matt Sublett of M&M Photos helped a lot to get this thing going. They race slot cars as hard as they work at taking racing photos.

Post race festivities were highlighted by an extended hot lap session. A surprise appearance by former San Jose Speedway driver Rich Bessom saw him put on quite a show racing in some heated and highly spirited hot lap sessions demonstrating that he hasn't lost a thing. We were also honored to have World of Outlaw stars Tim Shaffer and Paul McMahan stop by with longtime sprint car owner Dennis Roth also dropping by along with a host of other fans and pitcrew members. Topping the list however by far, we felt very honored by a most gracious and exciting Trophy presentation to the winner of the "United Race of America" by the one and only forever and ever and always "King of the Outlaws", STEVE KINSER!!!

A special thank you for making the race possible go out to Thunderbowl Raceway and it's staff. We would also like to thank Tim Shaffer, Paul McMahan and Dennis Roth for stopping by and a very sincere and special thank you to the "King of the Outlaws"!!!

Click to Enlarge!!

Big Daddy's "Rumble" at Slot Car Raceway January, 13th, 2007 Turned into a near race "Riot" between the Outlaw Slot Cars and the Non-Winged local racers from the wine country. The open competition event drew a large field of entries however, the coldest weather to hit California in 30 years necessitated a crash and burn format with the temperature hovering just around freezing. Heat races produced wheel to wheel fire breathing competition and local racers appearing to hold their own against the outlaw cars.

A colorful main event featured a star studded line-up including Petaluma Speedway Sprint Car driver Brian Azevedo and crew member, 600cc Micro Sprint owner/driver Kurt Pesutich backing him up, Big Daddy's Race Center's 1/4 mile Clay Oval all time main event winner and September's $2,000 to win race of Champions winner "Big John" along with several other world class slot car racers.

"Big John" jumped into the early lead with everyone else close behind pulling out all the stops. Several laps into the event all heck broke loose in a battle royal. The resulting mayhem turned the race track into a wrecking yard including the leader "Big John". The outcome was 600cc Micro-Sprint owner/driver Kurt Pesutich aboard the Winged #6 Outlaw coming out on top for a popular win. A nice trophy was presented to Kurt by Slot Car Raceway owner Frank Sarkela and Big Daddy's Race Center's mastermind Steve Fuller.

The question of which cars are quicker wings vs. non winged remained somewhat unanswered. One fact appeared quite apparent; slot car racers at the Slot Car Raceway are real racers with a lot of talent and some quick slot cars. The event was co-sanctioned by Slot Car Raceway of Rohnert Park with special thanks going out to owner Frank Sarkela for making this event possible. By the way Frank has beautiful New road course that everyone should check out!

A return engagement is planned for later on when the weather warms up a little bit. Maybe this time next year we should schedule an event where the weather was 30 degrees warmer this year...perhaps central PA.? What do you think?

FOR INFO. E-MAIL: bigdaddy@bigdaddysracecenter.com

Or Call: 510-329-2817

Big Daddy's Race Center 1/32nd scale Outlaw Slot Car
50 Lap "Ted Johnson Memorial"
Saturday, December 9th, San Jose, CA.

On a grey overcast day with dark clouds threatening rain the weather seemed appropriate for a somewhat somber occasion. The 1/32nd scale Outlaw Slot Cars were out on the banked clay oval paying respect to our hero Ted Johnson.
The Inaugural "Ted Johnson Memorial" was run Saturday with track regular Matt Sublett picking up another big win with his #20 1/32 scale Winged Sprint car. After a furious pace many lead changes were seen during the special 50 lap distance. A brief heavy shower came over during the mid stages of the race that blew rain on turn 1-2 causing very slippery conditions requiring a red flag period to dry the track. Once racing resumed a nice three way battle ensued for the win with Matt coming out on top in the final laps to take the win. A special guest appearance was made by the infamous "Pepper" Ed, who remained in contention despite coming out of a recent semi-retirement. Big Daddy's Race Center would like to thank Brent Kaeding for making the race possible. We would also like to acknowledge several promising up and coming drivers who participated including Bradley, Cody and Dakota as well as all who came up and checked out the track.

FOR INFO. E-MAIL: bigdaddy@bigdaddysracecenter.com

Or Call: 510-329-2817


December 9, 2006: Ted Johnson Memorial: 1/32nd scale Slot Cars, San Jose, CA....Click Photos to Enlarge!

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Matt Sublett is congratulated by Steve Fuller after winning Big Daddy's Race Center's 40 lap "Oktoberfest" 1/32nd scale Slot Car A-Main event held at Thunderbowl Raceway during the NST Races.

October 14, 2006: Oktoberfest: 1/32nd scale Slot Cars Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA.

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Several of the area kids take to the track!!

Veteran race driver Andy Forsberg races with young gun Brad Sweet.

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Brad Sweet works the inside of the track!

Three wide racing!!


Third place finisher in the NST A-Main event Brad Sweet (middle) and race team crew members (right) take on Big Daddy's Race Center's Clay Oval as George Hague and Grove Hill look on (left).


Big Daddy's Race Center's trailer was pitted next to the "King"!

Track regular Matt Sublett won the 40 lap "Oktoberfest" 1/32nd scale Slot Car main event held Saturday afternoon at the Thunderbowl Raceway. Current Civil War 360ci Sprint Car Champion and 410ci. Sprint Car Track Champion at Silver Dollar Speedway Andy Forsberg lead many laps in the main event, but got tangled up on the final lap going into turn one while leading allowing Matt to cruise to the win driving his many time feature winning #20 Sprinter. Matt also won the Friday preliminary 30 lap main sweeping the weekend action.

Big Daddy's Race Center would like to thank Andy Forsberg for being the first Sprint Car Driver to race in a full main event on the track. Versatile up and coming racer Brad Sweet also turned laps as well as many crew members from the various race teams competing during the National Sprint Tour's final race held at the Thunderbowl Raceway.


The biggest 1/32 scale Outlaw Slot Car event to ever happen on a clay surface was run at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon with track regular "Big John" taking the win in the 40 lap $2,000 to win event held on Big Daddy's Race Center's 1/32nd scale 1/4 mile clay oval.

The festivities started with track scientist/inventor Steve Fuller dedicating the race to the memory of famous Outlaw race driver Jan Opperman, and to ailing World of Outlaws founder Ted Johnson. Johnson's vision of a traveling Sprint Car series with races paying $2,000 or higher to win became reality when he created the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series in 1978. The idea of using the magical formula of paying $2,000 to win was used with the intention of re-creating the excitement that was sparked at the historical first World of Outlaws race at Devils Bowl Speedway in Texas only on a smaller scale and to use the concept of dirt track slot car racing to help introduce new fans to the sport of Sprint Car racing.

Matt lead qualifying with a lap of 2.53 sec. racing his #20 inaugural main event winning car. Second quick was Mark with a lap of 2.76 in his #3DB. Third fastest was Mike with a 2.96 sec. driving his #2. Fourth fast was John racing his #15 to a 2.98 sec. lap. Moose was the final qualifier with a 3.07 second lap in car #4.

Two 10 lap heat races were run with #20 winning heat one over #15, 3DB, 2 and #4. Heat two went to #15 followed by #20, #2 and #3DB.

The 40 lap main event featured great battles through out the race distance with #15 winning a green white checker finish. #2 raced second with #20 third. #3DB finished fourth with #4 fifth. $2,000 was awarded to the winner along with very nice trophy's to the top three finishers. (see photos above)

Big Daddy's Race Center would like to thank John Padjen Motorsports for making the event possible. Big Daddy's would like to also thank all the race drivers and fans who stopped by! A special thank you goes out to race driver Kyle Hirst who turned the first laps by a real race driver on the 1/32nd scale 1/4 mile race track. Also turning what appeared to be very competitive laps on an extremely heavy track over the weekend were World of Outlaws racer Randy Hannagan, defending Civil War Champion Greg DeCaires, BCRA Midget Lite points leader Matt Sherman, local racer David Silveria and former Australian Side Car Champion and current BCRA Lite competitor Scott Males.


Matt Sublett (left) is congratulated by Big Daddy's Race Center inventor Steve Fuller after winning the first main event ever held at the track!

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The track in the trailer at Calistoga! 9-3-06

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