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Legality of Slot Cars will be determined by Big Daddy's Race Center.

2. All cars must be realistic appearing 1/32 scale slot cars based on a production made sheet metal chassis. i.e.: Sprints Plus.

3. Overall maximum size: 3 inch wide by 6 inches long; 3 inch wheelbase.

4. Painted lexan body with sprint car fuel tank must cover the full length of the chassis from front to rear

5. Top wing must have visual number.

6. Lexan top wing maximum 2 inches long by 2 inches wide. Side panels maximum size 2 1/2 inch long by 1 1/4 inch high.

7. Nose wing 1 inch wide by 3/4 inch long. Side panels maximum size 1 inch long by 1/2 inch high.

8. One guide shoe only, must be in line with the motor and ring and pinion.

9. Two front wheels with tires and two rear wheels with tires. Maximum tire width 1 inch.

10. No extra magnets allowed (only the ones inside the motor are legal). No magna-traction allowed.

11. No added capacitors or power supply allowed in slot cars or controllers.

12. Weight may be added only to the inside of the chassis and must be covered by the body. No exceptions.


1. Track official calls for cars to get on the track and the yellow light is turned on. Cars allowed a 5 lap maximum crash and burn warm-up session. No more! Maximum time for cars to line up on the track, ready to race is 5 minutes. If you or your car are not ready, the race will start without you.

2. Cars will line up double file order. The drivers in the two outermost lanes line up side by side at the designated area. Cars in the next two most outside lanes will line up side by side to form row 2 and start 1 to 2 car lengths behind the row in front of row 1 and so on.

3. When cars are lined up on the track for the start the yellow light will be turned out. The track official will announce "lights out". The car on the inside front row will start a rolling pace lap at a slow steady speed. Cars will make 1 pace lap.

4. Cars will maintain a 1 to 2 car length margin between rows. The race will start off turn four if the official deems the field is in proper order. The official may call for one more pace lap or turn the yellow back on for a new attempt (cars will line up again in designated staging area in turn four). The race will start when the official calls "green flag" and the green light is turned on.

5. On the second attempt the race will be restarted as the first attempt in double file rows of two.

6. Jump start cars will be sent back to the rear of the field on the next attempted start.

7. After the second attempt to start the race all subsequent attempts will be single file with the cars in the outside lanes ahead of the cars in the inner lanes.

8. In the event of a crash or spin out driver must call out loudly "Red" the red light will come on. Power to the track is turned off.

9. After the crash is cleared the red light will be turned off and the yellow light will come on. The cars will proceed to the designated starting area with one to two car lengths between positions in single file. Cars causing the red to come out will start at the rear of the field with cars in the outer lanes starting in front of the inner lane cars.

10. The race will be re-started when the yellow light is turned out and the field completes one pace lap.

11. Big Daddy's Race Center reserves the right to include 1 provisional starter in the main event.

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